Art Of Trade, an Ode to Metal and Human Cooperation

“Art of Trade” is a piece of art, a sculpture made from aluminium, steel and copper. It was designed by a Turkish artist and fashioned by cooperating craftsmen from China, UK and Turkey using metals originating from Azerbaijan, China and Turkey.

Art of Trade is commissioned by ACE, a warehousing and supply chain management company, providing secure storage and transportation mainly of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and minerals. ACE appreciates the important contribution of the metals used to construct the sculpture to civilisation and also to the Company’s business.

The collaboration of the artist and the various craftsmen in creating the piece symbolises the need for cooperation in the historical Silk Road region. The source countries for the metal used in the production was chosen to symbolize the interdependence of the people living along and around the Route.

Building a Tradition for Help and Understanding

“Art of Trade” is also a first in the series of artworks to be commissioned in the coming years. The project aims to raise money and awareness of issues along and around the Silk Route, partnering with UNICEF Turkish National Committee, to provide philanthropic donations for UNICEF’s work along the Silk Route.

Ways to Give

We aim to provide assistance to the needy children of the selected countries every year